quinta-feira, 13 de maio de 2010

Whatever Works

Woody Allen, 2009

“Umbelievable.The chance factor in life is mind-boggling. You entered the world by a random event somewhere along the Mississipi. I, having emerged through the conjoining of Sam and Yetta Yellnikoff in the Bronx, decades earlier. And through an astronomical concatenation of circumstances, our paths cross. Two runaways in the vast, black unspeakably violent and indifferent universe.”

“Soon all her deep-rooted beliefs went right down the toilet, where they belonged.”

“-Oh God!
-What are you thinking?
-Yeah, entropy. Boris explained it. It’s why he can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube.
-You mean, once something happens, it’s difficult to put it back the way it was?
- I mean, Boris says love is all about luck. I think so too but isn’t that just because we’re young and we think we’re going to live forever and then we grow old and get diabetes, and…
-mOybe.. Look, I do agree there’s not much you can be sure of in this world, but…
- Have you ever heard of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle?
- I’ve heard of it, yeah.
- You know the observer influences the experiment?... It is just like when my mother makes love to one of the guys she’s living with a certain way when they are alone, but when she is in front of the other guy, she does it differently.
- Is it Heisenberg? I had no idea he was so sexual.
- Oh! Wait. I always carry some Viagra with me.
- That’s all right. I eat a lot of red meat.”

“- Im an artist. I don’t bake pies. I don’t go to church. I do collages, sculpture, photography. I live in Manhattan with two men who I love in a very happy ménage à trois.
- A what?
- We all sleep together. A ménage à trois.
- I knew we should never trust the goddamn French.”

“I completely understand. I do. This does not run counter to my convictions that love relationships are almost invariably transient.”

“- But this is just a sin against God’s law.
- God is gay.
- He can´t be. He made the whole universe perfect. The oceans, the skies, the beautiful flowers, the trees everywhere.
- That’s right. He’s a decorator.”

“It just shows what meaningless blind chance the universe is.”

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  1. eu tive que dar pausa no filme pra rir qdo ele diz que Deus é decorador! ahahaha ge-ni-al!


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